It is possible to distinguish such factors that lead to the fact that the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve is compressed:

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When all of the above factors act, metabolic processes are disturbed in the nerve. It all ends with a violation of viagra pills of nerve impulses, pain, paresthesia. Everyone with Roth's disease may experience different symptoms. As a rule, pathology does not occur immediately. There are such frequent complaints of patients: There is a feeling of goosebumps. There is numbness and tingling. There is a strong burning sensation in the front of the thigh. Feels cold. The nutrition of the skin is slightly disturbed. The affected area completely loses its sensitivity.

Patients may then experience pain. Everyone describes it differently. Some say that the sensations are quite tolerable, while othersothers, on the other hand, cannot bear the burning pain. At the same time, motor activity is not disturbed. We draw your attention to the main symptom of sildenafil disease - pain and paresthesia increase if the patient arrives in an upright position, actively moves.

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The peculiarity is explained by nervous tension. The condition can be alleviated only if the leg is bent at the hip joint, as well as in the prone position. If Roth's disease occurs for a long time, skin nutrition may be disturbed over time. Then the skin on the thigh becomes thinner, becomes flabby, in some situations there are many trophic ulcers.

In advanced cases, Roth's disease is accompanied by lameness. The symptom can be explained by vascular ischemia. With pathology, lameness begins to develop not in the lower, but in the upper limbs. After examining the patient, the doctor notices that the sensitivity in the front of viagra online has decreased or is completely absent. Some patients complain of discomfort when the hip is straightened, it becomes easier when the leg is bent.

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With Roth's disease, the patient is interviewed in detail, carefully examined. Additionally assigned: First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the factors leading to compression of the femoral cutaneous nerve.

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Refuse to wear tight corsets, clothes, belts. Wear a special unloading corset. Fight excess weight. Do not refuse to remove a hematoma, tumor. In the case of ascites, fluid is specifically removed from the abdominal cavity. To get rid of sildenafil symptoms, various pathogenetic methods of treatment are used. Physiotherapy procedures.

The goal of physiotherapy is to improve the blood supply to the nerve, to restore the transmission of impulses. With the help of some procedures, you can normalize venous outflow, relieve spasm, which leads to pain.

First you need to take a course of sildenafil ed pills, then you need to drink vitamin B tablets - Neurobion, Milgamma, Neurobeks, Benevron. To improve blood circulation, vasodilators are prescribed - Trental, Angioflux, Pentylin, nicotinic acid.